Some of our Special dishes:

Hungarian Goulash, Tender cubes of beef stewed in a Hungarian paprika-based sauce poured over a bed of spaetzle or kopytka and vegetable medley, with sour cream and diced pickles. Beef Tartar, Center cut raw beef tenderloin (150 grams), traditionally spiced. Tripe ( Flaczki ) soup, Hungarian style tripe soup, with garlic, tomatoes, onions, carrots and herbs. The “pickle soup” lives up to its reputation, a steaming, fresh cream of potato with chopped veggies, infused with pickle bits and a touch of pickle brine. Nobody else attempts this soup. It’s delicious!

Drinks and wines

When it comes to drinks to accompany your dinner - our beer selection is the largest one in the city, containing such rarities as Westvleteren XII or Samuel Adams Utopia (we are the only place where you can find Westvleteren in Edmonton), and our wine list is superb allowing you to choose your favorite wine from New and Old World wineries. If that’s not enough, we also carry an impressive amount of fine spirits and cocktails crafted to suit even the most exquisite palate.